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We have been made aware that a similarly named company has been using Bell Financial Services in its promotion of financial products which may not exist. Bell Financial Services Pty Ltd has absolutely no connection with Bell Financial Partners, or any of the several websites connected with https:/ 

If you have conducted any business with any such organisations you may wish to contact ASIC via the following link:

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Providing What You Need

Bell Financial Services is a boutique financial services firm that offers a client centered approach when designing your financial strategy. We are not owned by any financial product issuers therefore we are able to offer comprehensive financial solutions that meet each individual's specific needs. Our aim is to provide initial and ongoing advice that is active and adds value to the lives of our clients.

Choosing a professional as your partner in building wealth and security is one of the most important decisions you will ever make. Look around our website, take your time, choose wisely and we hope that we can earn the right to work with you in the future. 


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Achieve Your Goals

At Bell Financial Services we specialise in investment advice. We make sure that our investment recommendations suit your investment time horizon and risk profile. Furthermore, we believe in being proactive in our ongoing investment advice.

Investors purchase assets, whether directly or indirectly, for the returns they provide. Each asset class has its unique return, income, capital growth and taxation characteristics. For example, some assets provide tax benefits such as tax free and tax deferred income or franking credits while the income from other assets may be fully taxed at the investor’s marginal tax rate. All assets have different risk profiles, expected holding periods and expected long-term returns. It is important to match these characteristics with your needs when developing an investment portfolio.

Our investment advice is tax-focused and customised to your personal stage of life and your views.



Protect Your Loved Ones

Unexpected life transitional events caused by loss of life, disability or critical illness can occur at any time to any one of us, there is no control over these events. However, you can implement strategies to protect yourself and your loved ones from financial ruin.

At Bell Financial Services we provide specialist advice on:

  • Life insurance which provides a lump sum benefit payable upon your death;

  • Total and Permanent Disability (TPD) insurance which provides a lump sum benefit if you can no longer work or perform home duties;  

  • Trauma insurance which provides a lump sum in the event of cancer, heart attack, stroke and a number of other critical illnesses;

  • Income Protection insurance which provides a monthly income should you not be able to work; and

  • Business Expenses insurance which covers your fixed business expenses should you not be able to work.

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The Client Centred Financial Life Transition Approach

The "financial life transition" strategic planning process focuses on your needs and objectives based on the specific life transitional events that are concerning you.  As a result, a much deeper level of thinking is required compared to the traditional short, medium and long-term goals process used by most financial advisers.  We have found the "financial life transition" process delivers advice that is deeply focused on your concerns and always in your best interest. 

The Financial Life Transition planning process:

Initial Consultation

An initial consultation will be carried out free of charge and obligation. This meeting will be used to determine the life transition events that are concerning you and your needs and goals in relation to each event.

Engagement Letter

In the days following the initial consultation we will send you an engagement letter that restates the life transition events that we will be advising on including your needs and goals associated with each event. This will be known as your financial project. The engagement letter will also outline our fees for providing you with our advice and its implementation.

Strategy Meeting

Once you have signed and returned the engagement letter we will start work on a strategic plan for your financial project. We may also require another meeting to discuss the possible strategies for your project so that we can make sure that we achieve an outcome that you understand and are comfortable with.

Statement of Advice (SoA)

Once an appropriate strategy is agreed upon we will complete a statement of advice and forward it to you for your perusal. We will then have another meeting where you can ask any further questions about our advice before signing off on the SoA. After you sign the SoA we will then implement the advice. 

Ongoing Management

In most cases, your financial project will require ongoing management. Economic conditions vary, legislation changes and your personal situation is likely to alter over time. Therefore, to make sure that your financial project achieves its desired outcome it is very important to constantly review the strategies underpinning your financial project and make alterations when necessary. We offer various levels of ongoing service. The recommended level of ongoing service will vary depending on various aspects of your financial project. The details of the ongoing service will be provided to you in a client service agreement.

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If you have a complaint about Bell Financial Services Pty Ltd or one of our representatives, we need to hear from you. To lodge a complaint please contact the Complaints Resolution Officer at  Bell Financial Services Pty Ltd.

To assist us in handling your complaint in a timely and efficient manner please:

  • Provide full details of the complaint including:

    • Full name and contact details;

    • Investor/account number

    • Service/Product provider

    • Adviser's name

  • Provide all supporting documentation

  • Clearly identify the resolution you are seeking


Complaints Resolution Officer contact information:

Phone:   07 55279064

Post:       PO Box 7769, GCMC QLD 9726



We have adopted best practice complaints handling processes to ensure:


  1. Acknowledgement of your concerns within 24 hours of receipt;

  2. Speedy assessment and investigation;

  3. Timely provision of a response (known as an IDR response) no more than 30 days after we receive your complaint.


If we cannot resolve the issue to your satisfaction within that time frame, we will refer you to the free industry complaints handling body known as Australian Financial Complaints Authority Limited (AFCA).


Bell Financial Services is a member of the Australian Financial Complaints Authority (AFCA) the Government approved External Disputes Resolution scheme.


This service is free of charge to you and AFCA can be contacted on:


AFCA can be reached at 1800 931 678

AFCA’s mail address is GPO Box 3, Melbourne Vic 3001

AFAC’s website is

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